Dr Tamara Jordan is a Melbourne-based German multimedia artist, researcher and lecturer in the Department of Design at Monash University.


Since graduating from the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund (Germany) with a Bachelor Degree in Visual Communication, Tamara has worked as a concept designer and video artist for various record companies and has applied her creative skills across a wide range of projects, from art direction, illustration and conceptual design to animated film and music video production.


Tamara’s design practice is driven by her passion for visual storytelling combining experimental-, stop motion- and hand-drawn animation with digital compositing tools. Her distinctive and illustrative imagery is often inspired by ancient stories, such as myths, legends and folktales.

Tamara holds a PhD in the field of Design (Monash University, Melbourne). Her research examines the nature of traditional narratives, their socio-cultural and historical values and explores new strategies of adaptation and appropriation in film, animation and modern media.



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