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Book cover Lulu the Lucky Possum by Tamara Jordan

This delicately hand-drawn picture book tells the story of Lulu, a little ringtail possum from Australia who gets lost and believes she is the unluckiest possum in the world. Until she meets fellow-possum and bushfire victim Lottie who teaches her what it really means to be lucky.

The story aims to develop children's empathy towards animals and their natural environment. It is a heart-warming tale about hope, friendship, and compassion which also shows that caring about others can help to see your own problems in a different light.



Dr Mara Jordan lives in Melbourne, Australia and besides lecturing and doing her artistic work she is a passionate advocate for the protection of wildlife. She works as a volunteer wildlife carer and her new book was deeply inspired by her experiences with orphaned ringtail possums. She hopes it will encourage children to respect and care for precious native wildlife.


Lulu was indeed a real possum who got lost like ten thousands of other wild animals each year. Most wildlife shelters are packed to the roof with orphaned animals. Possums are protected by law, but like most native wildlife, they are threatened by bushfires, cars, cats, foxes, dogs and the loss of habitat. The photo shows Lulu drinking her milk formula. All orphaned possums will be released back into the wild when they are grown up.

If you want to help, please support your local wildlife shelter or any wild life rescue organisation. You can donate money, or useful items such as blankets, cleaning products, knitted pouches etc. Or you can sign up for rewarding volunteer work.


You can also help by appreciating the wildlife in your garden and by growing native plants and fruits. Respect cat curfews and keep your cat inside. Put out fresh water in the summer. Hang up possum boxes in your trees and enjoy observing these amazing, friendly, and social animals! 

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